A sero survey by BMC has found that women have more antibodies than men to fight the corona virus. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: A survey is being conducted by the Mumbai Municipality (BMC) to find out the answer to the question of who has more antibodies in their body, male or female. The study found that more antibodies were found in the body of women than in men. Not only that, but differences were also found between people in the settlement area and those outside it. There is a lot of difference. Surveys have shown that positivity against corona virus is increasing among residents outside the settlement. Again, in the people of the settlement area, the positivity has decreased even though it is a little bit. This method tests the positivity of antibodies against a particular virus. In that case, the higher the positivity, the more antibodies are produced.

[আরও পড়ুন: কোভিশিল্ডের চেয়েও কেন দামী কোভ্যাক্সিন? দাম ঘোষণা করে ব্যাখ্যা দিল ভারত বায়োটেক]

The results of the survey were released to the public on Saturday on behalf of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It found that overall, the positivity for women is 36.12 per cent and for men it is 32.02 per cent. Blood was collected for the survey from July last year. Among the people in the slums, where positivity was 56 per cent, it has dropped significantly. Now it has come down to about 45 percent. And blood samples collected from outside the settlement area show that the sero positivity is now showing 26.5 percent. That’s up from 18 percent before. For this survey, the blood of people who have not been vaccinated has been taken. The amount of antibodies being produced in their body when Tina is not taken is found out.

[আরও পড়ুন: করোনা নিয়ে আতঙ্ক ছড়ানো হচ্ছে, টুইটারকে একাধিক টুইট ব্লক করার নির্দেশ দিল কেন্দ্র]

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