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News Daily Digital Desk: At the center of all discussions is the death of 4 people in Kochbihar’s Shitalkuchi on the day of polling by the central forces. Chief Minister and Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has directly identified Union Home Minister Amit Shah as a ‘conspirator’ in the incident. He also called the incident a ‘genocide’. Amit Shah retaliated on Sunday. After the BJP candidate’s road show in Shantipur, he confronted reporters and said, “Mumtaz is mourning the death of four people in Shitalkuchi, but she has forgotten that a new voter named Anand Barman also lost his life that day.” Did not shed a single tear for him. He is also doing politics of flattery with death. It is more tragic than death. ”

Hamidul Haque, Monirul Haque, Samiul Mia and Amjad Hossain were shot dead by the police on the bike of booth No. 1 of Jitalpatki in Sitalkuchi assembly constituency on Saturday, the day of the fourth phase of polling. Ananda Barman, a young voter, was shot dead in the midst of a political clash shortly after leaving the booth for the first time in the Pathantuli area that morning. However, the grief over the deaths of 4 innocent people and the protests over it, the death of Anand Barman was a bit of a pressure in politics. And after 24 hours, the Union Home Minister used this issue as a tool. According to him, just as vocal as the grassroots leader is about the deaths of four minority youths, so is the indifference of Ananda Varman, the death of a dynastic youth. But the same grief in Anand’s family. They also need to be by their side. In this context, Shah further demanded that Mamata Banerjee should apologize for the incident of Shitalkuchi. Because, he was the one who incited the people to surround the central forces, the manifestation of which was the incident of Shitalkuchi’s coup d’etat.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘ক্ষমতায় এলে প্রথমেই শীতলকুচির পূর্ণাঙ্গ তদন্ত হবে, কেউ রেহাই পাবে না’, হুঁশিয়ারি অভিষেকের]

Meanwhile, political figures have been banned from entering Kochbihar for 72 hours due to the incident on polling day in Shitalkuchi. As a result, even though she was supposed to go to Shitalkuchi today, Mamata Banerjee could not go. Although he could not physically attend the ban, he reached out to the families of the slain youths via video call. He assured to be by their side on the phone and would go to their house on his own even if the ban was lifted.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘ভাই রাজনীতি জানত না’, কান্নায় ভেঙে পড়লেন শীতলকুচিতে মৃত সামিউলের দিদি]

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