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News Daily Digital Desk: BJP will bring unrest in Bengal! No, neither the ruling party nor the United Front is a leader-minister. BJP candidate Ashok Dinda himself made such a comment! Yes, that’s right. Befans tweeted who has become a laughing stock in Netdunia for the time being.

What exactly did he write on Twitter? In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a public meeting on the day of the third round of elections (WB Election 2021) in Bengal. Former Indian cricketer Dinda tweeted to welcome him. He wrote, “No more political assassination. There will be unrest. Prime Minister Modi set foot in Bengal with the message of peace. This time the real change will come. ” It’s not hard to guess that he mistyped the word ‘unrest’ in his tweet. Tweeting leaders ‘mistakes’ is nothing new. Somewhere the name is wrong, somewhere the information. Misunderstood, they immediately deleted those tweets again. But the funny thing is that even though 20 hours have passed since the tweet, Ashok Dinda has not deleted it yet. As a result, the roll of laughter with him gradually in the net world.

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Many have written that Dinda has told the truth by mistake. Another netizen sneered and wrote, “Dilip Ghosh says ‘I will rub’. Dinda says BJP will bring unrest. The BJP leaders are very honest. ” Some are saying that the unrest that will come when the BJP comes to power is new. Everyone knows this.

It is to be mentioned that in an exclusive interview given to ‘Sangbad Pratidin’ Digital, the social world was abuzz with Dilip Ghosh’s ‘rubbing’ remarks. He commented that he would rub the artists if he left acting, dancing and singing to join politics. The debate is still going on. And in the meantime, this tweet of Dindar made Gerua Shibir feel uncomfortable again. At least that is what the observers think.

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