Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro ignores calls for lockdown amid highest Covid-19 deaths. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: Cornavirus’s claws have become dangerous all over the world. This time, the average number of new deaths in one day is Brazil. 4, 195 people died in one day after being infected with covid! Infection is on the rise. In this situation of the country, the ‘villain’ President Jair Bolsonaro is practically. Even in such a situation, he is not willing to bother with the Kovid rule. He is also blowing up the possibility of lockdown. Banners have been flown in Rio de Janeiro for his behavior, saying “Bolsonaro your government is a genocide.”

However, the president has not changed in the face of so much criticism. He makes it clear that there is no question of lockdown. According to him, the country’s economy will suffer as a result of the lockdown. That’s worse than the corona virus. Researchers are apprehensive about his attitude. Sao Paulo, an expert said. Jamal Suleiman has expressed his deep concern to Al Jazeera about the situation in Corona, Brazil. In his words, “If this catastrophe cannot be stopped, it will lead to a terrible situation.” According to him, if this continues, 1 lakh people will die of the infection in April alone. The total number of deaths in Corona in the month of July is five and a half million.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘মিসেস শ্রীলঙ্কা’র মঞ্চে মুকুট নিয়ে টানাটানি! সুন্দরীদের লঙ্কাকাণ্ডের ভিডিও ভাইরাল]

Incidentally, even before this, there has been a great deal of indifference towards the Corona among the President of Brazil. He even mocked the Corona vaccine. He said sarcastically, if one gets vaccinated, one can become a crocodile.

Meanwhile, not only Brazil, but also the United States, Turkey, France and India are in the new wave of corona. Britain and the United States are still ahead in vaccination. US President Joe Biden has announced that all adult citizens of the country will be vaccinated from April 19. Vaccination has also been emphasized in India. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the second dose of the corona vaccine. He said that those who are eligible for vaccination should get vaccinated quickly.

Citizens over the age of 45 are currently being vaccinated in India. In many states, including Maharashtra, the situation is becoming increasingly dire. Concerned over the rising graph of infections in India, New Zealand has said it will suspend all flights to India for the time being.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘আমার দেশকে বাঁচান’, বিউটি কনটেস্টের মঞ্চেই মায়ানমারের মডেলের কাতর আর্তি]

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