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Abhirup Das: There is no salvation even after recovery. Twice the same virus. Corona infection is skyrocketing in Bengal. In the last three days, an average of 7,000 people have been infected. Among them are three hundred and fifty patients who were infected with Corona Virus last year! At least that’s what the research demands. The Indian Council for Medical Research has already published their research. As can be seen, four and a half to five percent of new corona infections are ‘reinfections’. This means that the virus has hit them twice in a row. ICMR conducted a study on 1300 people to find out the definition of re-infection. The study found that one in every 100 new infections was coronary heart disease. The coroners are lost in such information. Till 31st December 2020, the total number of corona affected in Bengal was 5 lakh 52 thousand 83. Many of them thought that antibodies had been made in the body. No more corona. But the real information is giving ten goals to that idea.

[আরও পড়ুন: করোনায় ধরাশায়ী দিল্লি, লকডাউন ঘোষণা করলেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী কেজরিওয়াল]

Head of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases of the Indian Council for Medical Research. In the words of Samiran Panda, the body does not adhere to any number. Once I recover from Corona, many people think that I will not have Corona for another year. This is a completely wrong idea. The amount of antibodies in the body varies from person to person. The question is, once the corona is positive, can there be re-infection? After checking all the information, the doctors said that this period is a little more than three months and 10 days. Dr. According to Samiran Panda, once the corona is infected, the patient is safe for 102 days. After 102 days, he may be infected again. However, there are some conditions for doctors to be sure of re-infection. According to Samiran Panda, if anyone is infected in this phase of positive-negative-positive, it is re-infection. That is the first time a positive. Then once he has to be negative. If someone is positive, it is not a re-infection. If the viral load is high, there is a tendency to stay positive for a long time. Doctors are forbidding to delay the observance of the restrictions even after recovering from Kovid. Wearing regular masks, following social rules to adhere to the rules, Dr. instructed. Panda. According to him, the number of re-infections could be much higher than 5 percent. Because the study has taken the data from 22 January 2020 to 6 October 2020. It is only natural that the number of re-infections will increase in April 2021 as the infection is on the rise.

[আরও পড়ুন: ভয়ংকর রূপ নিয়েছে করোনা, কাল থেকে ফের বন্ধ রাজ্যের সমস্ত সরকারি স্কুল]

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