‘Dead woman’ gets life at Tarapith crematorium | Sangbad Pratidin

Nandan Dutt, Surrey: Tarapith brawl in the crematorium again miraculous! What is the vibration of life in the body before burning! The hands trembled when they did not face. Rumor has it that old woman Saraswati Chakraborty (60) was dragged away with her dead body all day on Friday. His body was cremated at Tarapith on Friday evening after he was declared dead by Rampurhat Medical College. Kajal Chakraborty, the grandson of the deceased, said, “We have been harassed by Dida all day just because of a rumor.” Saraswati Chakraborty, a resident of Tarapith Bamdev Palli, has been bedridden for the last three months due to geriatric disease. When his condition deteriorated on Thursday, he was taken to the local Tarapur health center for treatment. The doctor sent him home with medicine. Saraswati died at her home around 3 am on Friday. The local doctor saw him and gave him the death certificate. The Chakravarti family took Saraswati Devi to the cremation ground at Tarapith crematorium with the certificate around 9 am. Suddenly a voice came while making a face, “The old woman’s hand is moving. Saraswati Chakraborty is waking up. ”

[আরও পড়ুন : রাজ্যের অষ্টম দফার ভোটে কোটিপতি প্রার্থীর সংখ্যা ৫৫, সবচেয়ে বেশি কোন দলের?]

At that rumor, a crowd started gathering at the crematorium and they started chanting the name of the mother. Because, it is said that the shoal fish cut in Tarapith is reborn. The dead merchant’s son woke up to the touch of the water in the living tank. In the midst of the crowd, water from the living pool was brought and spread over the dead body. Police of Tarapith police station appeared at the crematorium to handle the crowd. The crowd was removed in accordance with the coronation rules. Local doctor Debashis Chakraborty was called. He came and informed that Saraswati Devi had died a long time ago. But the police prevented the cremation without a government certificate. Police took the body to Rampurhat Medical College. College authorities said that since the body was brought to the hospital in a dead condition, a certificate of death could not be issued without an autopsy. But the family of the deceased sat crouched. They said they had seen the patient at the government health center the day before. They have government tickets with his report. On the basis of this, the medical college authorities gave a certificate to Saraswati Devi as dead in the afternoon.

[আরও পড়ুন : ‘আমার শক্তি আছে, করোনাকে মেরে দিচ্ছি’, ভাইরাস তাড়ানোর টোটকা দিলেন দিলীপ]

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