Don’t think it’s going to be MS Dhoni’s final year: CSK CEO | Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: He had already left the national team. So cricket fans are looking at the IPL to see the helicopter shot of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni). But after the upcoming IPL, Captain Cool will not be seen? This question has come up again before the start of the tournament. Kashi Bishwanathan, CEO of the franchise, opened his mouth to quench the curiosity of Chennai supporters.

Mahi announced his retirement from international cricket on August 15 last year amid a lockdown. Then, after a long break, he landed in the United Arab Emirates at 22 yards of the IPL. However, neither he nor his team’s performance looked that way. After that, cricket fans wanted to know if he was last seen in IPL in 2020? Dhoni, however, later removed that curiosity himself. He informed that he is not leaving so soon. As expected, the Chennai captain has returned to practice in a cheerful mood.

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However, before the start of the tournament on Friday, the curiosity of Dhoni fans peaked again. Will 39-year-old Dhoni be seen playing next season? In reply, Kashi Bishwanathan said that Dhoni will definitely play in the IPL even after 2021. Because this is not his last season in the yellow jersey. In other words, it will not be a surprise to see Dhoni landing for Chennai (CSK) in 2022. In the words of the CEO, “Look. I don’t think this is Dhoni’s last season. But this is my personal opinion. As captain, we don’t think of anyone else now. “

Dhoni has been leading Chennai since 2007, the inaugural year of the IPL. Chennai could not take part in the tournament due to deportation in 2016 and 2017. He won the trophy again in the 2016 season and was caught in his own glory. Dhoni’s Chennai will start the campaign against Mumbai with a bird’s eye view of the trophy again, erasing the memory of not reaching the play-offs last time.

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