Gurdwara in Ghaziabad starts to supply Oxygen to help COVID patients amidst criris | Sangbad Pratidin

News Everyday Digital Desk: Their specialty is to find new ways of public service for any serious problem. Sometimes distribution of free food, sometimes providing safe shelter to the homeless in the temple premises. Even though they have done all these things throughout the year, their contribution to the society at special times seems to be more visible. Gurudwara, the place of worship of the Sikh community, is being talked about. Many remember the way in which the country’s various gurdwaras stood by the common man during the Coronavirus crisis last year. So again. The biggest crisis at the moment in the second wave of corona in the country is the lack of oxygen. To meet that, they have built the infrastructure to make oxygen in their own langarkhana. Throughout the day, instead of haluya and puri, oxygen, the main ingredient in corona treatment, is being made there. The gurdwara in Ghaziabad has started ‘Oxygen Langar’ to help COVID patientsTill now we’ve been able to save around 200 lives. We request the DM & VK Singh to provide us with 25 oxygen cyclinders for 12 hours which will help us save 1000 lives, ”says Gurdwara manager— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) April 24, 2021 Corona virus This time the victims have more breathing problems due to mutant strain. So extra oxygen is needed for treatment. Due to this increased demand, the country’s oxygen reserves are running low. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has called for more emergency production by holding multiple emergency meetings in the wake of the situation. The biggest problem is the capital Delhi. Because, there is not a single oxygen plant. So the whole thing has to be imported from outside. Several hospitals in Delhi are returning patients due to tight supply.

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In this situation, the gurdwara of Ghaziabad has come forward to meet the oxygen shortage. ‘Oxygen anchor’ is now running at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Indirapuram. If you stand at the door, the critically ill patient will get oxygen and a chance to breathe. The crowd is also more. From morning to evening, the relatives of the patient are increasing the crowd in the hope of getting oxygen as soon as they visit this Gurudwara in Indirapuram. Of course, no one has to return empty-handed. The whole oxygen cylinder is available.

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In the words of the manager of the Gurudwara, “So far we have been able to save the lives of 200 people with oxygen. I have requested the DM, SP, even if they give us more cylinders, then we can save the lives of many more people from there. ” By doing so, the disciples of Sikh Guru Guru Nanak are explaining the eternal message of Hinduism – ‘He who loves life, he is serving God.’ On the other hand, another Gurudwara in Delhi has also taken a fancy initiative. To avoid the crowds in this situation, arrangements have been made to deliver food from the anchor to people’s homes. Sangbad Pratidin News App: Download to get the latest news updates News Like every day to stay in the regular news Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter Follow all the news updates Like News in Daily News

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