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Nandita Roy, New Delhi: Coronavirus situation in the country from the worst to the worst. The center is emphasizing vaccination to prevent infection. It is learned that the Center is likely to issue Sputnik-V or other corona vaccines soon to handle the situation. There are currently two corona vaccines in India – Covacin from India Biotech and Covishield from the Serum Institute. New names are going to be added to that list. According to sources, Russia’s Sputnik-V is ahead in this race. They have worked with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a meeting with Chief Ministers to discuss corona in the country. The Prime Minister has discussed the strategy of how to deal with the second wave of Corona without walking the path of Lockdown. During the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized on issues like corona test, night curfew, corona rules. While the Prime Minister is trying to speed up vaccination in the country, there have been complaints about the shortage of vaccines from different states of the country. Opposition political parties have also pointed fingers at the government.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘দায় আমাদেরও’, ভোটপ্রচারে করোনা সংক্রমণ বৃদ্ধি নিয়ে আত্মসমালোচনার সুর সোনিয়ার গলায়]

According to sources, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan gave detailed information about the vaccine during the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Chief Ministers on Thursday. He also mentioned the limited capacity of vaccine production along with timely supply of vaccines. At the same meeting, another Union Health Ministry official said that vaccines like Sputnik V, like other agencies, could be used in India. Russian-made corona vaccine Sputnik-V has an efficiency of 91.7%, according to a report in the medical journal Lancet. The vaccine is already being used in 59 countries around the world. The trial of the Russian vaccine is underway at the Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory in India. They have also applied for approval for use in India. On Friday, an expert panel from the country’s drug regulator sent more information to the agency.

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Meanwhile, considering the gravity of the situation, the Corona Ministerial Group, headed by Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, held its 24th meeting on Friday morning. The last meeting of the group of ministers was held on January 26. At that meeting, it was learned that Harsh Vardhan had tried to give a hint in the form that there is no shortage of vaccines in the country. Harsh Vardhan praised the corona vaccination program of the country and said, “30 million people over the age of 60 have already been vaccinated against corona. So far 9 crore 43 lakh people have been vaccinated. India is helping other countries in the world with vaccinations. 6 crore 45 lakh vaccines have been exported to 75 countries. 35.6 million vaccines have been provided to 25 countries under trade agreements. ”

Although corona infection has increased in the country, its lion’s share is limited to 11 states. The Union Health Minister has claimed that even though the corona situation in the country is bad, it is happening everywhere. He said, “No new corona infection has been reported in the last seven days in 149 districts of the country. Eight districts have not been infected for 14 days, three for 21 days and 63 for 28 days.

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