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News Daily Digital Desk: Apprentice vs. Master Degree Student Can Say War! You can also say the battle of Eklabya ​​vs Dronacharya! From the point of view of captaincy in Saturday’s Wankhede, one can name any of the Rishabh Panth vs Mahendra Singh Dhoni battles. The battle between the apprentice and the master’s degree student is the reason – the path in the world of captaincy is completely new. He will be captaining the IPL for the first time on Saturday.

On the contrary, under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a master’s degree! Even after announcing his retirement from international cricket, Dhoni’s brain is still revered around the world. From one point of view, Saturday’s Rishabh vs Dhoni battle is also a battle between disciples and gurus! Rishabh is also a wicketkeeper batsman like Dhoni. And as he has said many times, his inspiration is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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But the problem is, in the world of captaincy, no matter how great one and the other are, the team positions of the two are completely different. Delhi Capitals are the last IPL finalists. Delhi was reborn under the mentorship of Sourav Ganguly two years ago. Sourav was not there last time, but Delhi had no trouble reaching the final. On the contrary, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings were the ‘Germany’ of the IPL before the IPL. No team could show consistency like them in IPL. But last time Dhoni’s CSK performed miserably. He is the seventh of the eight teams. Which is unimaginable in terms of CSK! Not only that, the question arises about Dhoni’s own performance. In fact, like the team, Dhoni’s last IPL went badly. There is talk that if Dhoni has decided to play in the IPL, then why not play it with the mind? Why not make it by playing domestic cricket?

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Mumbai on Saturday could be the appropriate response stage for everything. Dhoni, however, is in a good mood before the dignity test. On this day, IPL broadcaster Star Sports released a video about Dhoni. As you can see, Captain Cool is playing street cricket, playing ball! In the video, RCB’s AB de Villiers wrote to Dhoni, ‘Of course I want you to say no without keeping it! That, when you come to a new role? ‘ On the day before the war, he played an Italian bowling game with the team’s physio in practice! Whose costume name is ‘Bokki’! Dhoni’s presence means his cricketing future will continue to be practiced. Let’s go. Many were saying, is this going to be Dhoni’s last year in IPL or not? CSK CEO Kashi Bishwanathan made it clear, “I don’t think so.” Rishabh Panth – He never went to war again. Instead, he said, “It’s an extra special feeling to be going to toss with Mahivai.” Let’s see, let’s see who wins the Great War on Saturday? Remember the name of the field is Wankhede. Where the ten years of the world victory is not even ten days!

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