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Published by: Abhisek Rakshit | Posted: April 11, 2021 2:41 pm| Updated: April 11, 2021 2:41 pm

News Daily Digital Desk: With the arrival of Shakib-Al-Hasan, the balance of the team has changed. Why a spinning all-rounder like Bangladesh all-rounder KKR is the asset of any team. The speaker is none other than KKR captain Eoin Morgan. Morgan’s Kolkata Knight Riders are starting their IPL campaign against David Warner’s Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday. The news is that the Knights can go for three spinners on the slow pitch of Chennai. The reason is that spinners have been helping Chennai wickets in a historic way. Twenty-four hours before the Sunrisers battle, Morgan didn’t want to say, what would be his combination? But Shakib has a good hint to play.

KKR’s world-winning captain said, “We have to travel a lot more this time than last time. So it was necessary to increase the strength of the team. There was also a need to increase the depth. With the arrival of Shakib, the strength of the team increased a lot. The balance has changed. ” The Knight captain is overwhelmed by the way the youngsters of the team have slowly started playing for India. Example – Shubhaman Gill. Example – The famous Krishna. “Think of Gill. Didn’t play the game on the tour of Australia! Having such a cricketer in the team makes the job a lot easier, ”said Morgan.

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Morgan was asked specifically about the two’s contributions to the KKR family. Sunil Narine and Dinesh Karthik. Last time, KKR made Karthik captain by removing Karthik in the middle of the season. But Morgan has always praised Karthik. This day was no exception. “Whatever you say, DK helps the team a lot in keeping and batting,” he said. Apart from that, he is also in good form now. DK helps me a lot on and off the field. ” And Narine? This time, Morgan said, “It is a great advantage to have a team like Sunil under pressure. No matter what the bat says, you can always rely on him. ”

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