Man asked to pay 100 million to mother in Britain’s biggest divorce case. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: Husbands are usually asked to pay alimony in divorce cases. Britain’s biggest divorce case is completely different. The boy was instructed to pay his mother মিল 100 million in compensation. Because he hid his property from his mother. According to the judge, the son was “a dishonest man who could do anything to help his father.” Dollars) to be paid to the trader. Temur Akhmedov joined hands with the billionaire’s father to ensure that his mother did not receive the full amount of alimony. Judge Gwyneth Knolls announced that the mother would have to pay Timur more than মিল 100 million.

[আরও পড়ুন: করোনা আবহে ভারত সফর বাতিল করলেন রাশিয়ার ডেপুটি প্রাইম মিনিস্টার]

Interest in the case peaked when Temur admitted that he had lost more than ৫০ 50 million in his one-day business while in college. He claimed that he did not hide the value of his father’s income from his mother. Rather, he lost that money through his own fault. But the judge did not believe Timur. He says, “Temur has learned a good lesson from his father’s past use. Temur has done everything possible to ensure that his mother does not receive a penny from the marital property. But he refused to pay Tatiana for the divorce. Tatiana had filed lawsuits against her husband in at least half a dozen countries for money. Tatiana also claims ownership of London’s elite Hyde Park apartment, a luxurious 36-foot yacht and আর্ 140 million worth of modern art.

[আরও পড়ুন: চিনা রাষ্ট্রদূতকে হত্যার ছক! ভয়াবহ বিস্ফোরণ পাকিস্তানের বিলাসবহুল হোটেলে]

“The verdict in the London court is unfair,” Farkhad said in a statement after the verdict against his son Temur. They put the blame for the father’s so-called sin on the innocent and faithful son. ” Incidentally, the court announced the divorce verdict in 2016. After which Farkhad moved to Russia to avoid the responsibility of supporting his ex-wife. But since a London court has ruled against Timur, a British citizen, it is expected that it will be relatively easy for Tatiana to recover the money. Earlier, Temur had said that the lawsuit filed by Tatiana against her son for extortion was “extremely horrific”. Sangbad Pratidin News App: Download to get the latest updates of news Like to stay in the daily news Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Get updates on all news LikeDownload News every day

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