“Oh Teri”: Anushka Sharma Swept Virat Kohli Off His Feet – Literally | Sangbad Pratidin

Published by: Abhisek Rakshit | Posted: April 7, 2021 7:25 pm| Updated: April 7, 2021 7:41 pm

News Daily Digital Desk: Only a few days in hand. Then this year’s IPL is going to start. After winning the T20, ODI and Test series against England, Virat’s goal this time is to win the elusive IPL trophy. However, before entering the tournament, Virat Kohli caught Divya in a good mood. Recently a funny video of him with Anushka Sharma went viral on social media.

The video that went viral on Netdunia shows Anushka holding Virat in her arms! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Anushka herself shared the video on Instagram. That is why Anushka took Virat in her arms not once but twice in a row. Looking at the video, it is understood that the two were having fun on a shooting set. At that moment, Anushka suddenly took Virat in her arms. Seeing that, the Indian captain himself was shocked. Later, he himself asked Anushka to take him in his arms again. Bollywood actresses do it.

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The video is currently viral on social media. Biruskar fans are also very excited to see this video of theirs. Many have also praised the two. Usually this celeb couple is always in the headlines. It is heard that the love between the two started from the set of the shooting. Then he fell in love with the marriage. He went abroad and got married. At present, both of them have got the taste of being parents. Their daughter was born in January this year. Anushka then went to Ahmedabad with her daughter. However, neither Virat nor Anushka has released their newborn photos yet. However, after resting for so long, Anushka has once again entered the world of work. He also posted that picture on his Instagram.

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