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News Daily Digital Desk: Corona’s bloodshot eyes are becoming increasingly intense in the country. In the midst of that panic, the board exams are also coming forward. In this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with students, parents and teachers in a ‘Pariksha pe charcha’ on Wednesday evening. This is the fourth time he has been seen attending such an event since becoming prime minister. However, this time the program was ‘virtual’. The Prime Minister emphasized on increasing the confidence of the students by reducing the fear of exams by answering everyone’s questions. He reminded that the test is not a life-or-death problem at all. Cold head should be dealt with.

Pallavi, a student from Andhra Pradesh, asked the Prime Minister why such a horrible situation was created during the exams even after studying for a whole year. In response, the Prime Minister was heard to say, “Your fear is not with the test. Fear is something else. But what is that? In fact, an environment is created around you, as if the experiment is everything. This is life. As a result, we become more ‘over conscious’ than necessary. We start thinking more and more. I don’t think there is anything to end in life. ”

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘নারায়ণী ব্যাটেলিয়ান নিয়ে মোদি মিথ্যা বলছেন’, আরটিআই তথ্য তুলে তীব্র আক্রমণ মমতার]

At the same time, he requested the parents not to put undue pressure on the children to study. If the external pressure is reduced, then the pressure of the test will not be felt, says the Prime Minister. According to him, if the children can stay at home free from panic, then their self-confidence will increase rapidly.

Besides, while talking about the leisure time of the students, the issue of their own leisure also came up in the words of the Prime Minister. “Retirement is a blessing,” he said. Without it, human life becomes like a robot. In the words of the Prime Minister, “If you want to swing on a swing, swing.” I like to swing in the swing at leisure. I like the cradle. I am very happy about that. ”

[আরও পড়ুন: ভ্যাকসিন নিলেই মিলবে সোনার গয়না! টিকাকরণে উৎসাহ বাড়াতে অভিনব উদ্যোগ গুজরাটে]

At the same time, the Prime Minister was seen sharing the experience of how she handled difficult issues during her tenure as Chief Minister or now as the Prime Minister of the country. “When I was the chief minister, when I was the prime minister, I had to read a lot,” he said. There is so much to learn. You have to learn from many. Is understood. When my day starts in the morning, I start with difficult things. My officers came to me with many difficult to difficult issues. They know then my mood is different. At that time I understood everything quickly. Let’s move on to making a decision. ”

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