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News Daily Digital Desk: Vaccination has started across the country to defeat Corona. Vaccination work is going on at the speed of the storm. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine. He reached the AIIMS in Delhi around 6.30 am on Thursday. There he took a second dose of covacin. After that, he asked the people to get vaccinated once again. “The vaccine is one of the ways to lose Corona,” he wrote on Twitter. He appealed to those who are eligible to be vaccinated to get vaccinated immediately.

On March 1, Modi took the first dose of the covid vaccine covacin. After 36 days, he took the second dose of vaccine. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “Today I took the second dose of Corona Ticker at the AIIMS in Delhi. If you are eligible for the vaccine, get vaccinated quickly. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” At the same time, the Prime Minister also requested to register her name in the Co-Win app.

[আরও পড়ুন : সংখ্যালঘুদের নিয়ে বিতর্কিত মন্তব্যের অভিযোগ, মমতাকে নোটিস কমিশনের]

Sister Nisha Sharma vaccinated the Prime Minister on this day. In his words, I vaccinated the Prime Minister for the second time today. To me it is a memorable moment. I got a chance to meet him. He also talked to us. Sister P Nivedita gave the first dose to Modi. “I gave the first dose to the prime minister,” he said. I got a second chance to meet and talk to him.

The second wave of infection in the country has begun. The number of daily attacks is in the millions. The Prime Minister is sitting in a meeting with the Chief Ministers on Thursday afternoon to handle the situation.

[আরও পড়ুন : ‘অবসরে দোলনায় দুলতে ভালবাসি’, ‘পরীক্ষা পে চর্চা’য় অকপট প্রধানমন্ত্রী]

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