Protest erupts in Pak demanding Imran Khan to apologize over rape statement. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: The pressure is mounting on Imran Khan. Many in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world are protesting against his controversial remarks on rape. Imran’s two ex-wives Jemaima Goldsmith and Reham Khan have even taunted the Pakistani Prime Minister. Human rights activists in the country have already protested against Imran. They demanded that Imran should apologize in public.

What exactly did he say? In a live program on Pak Doordarshan, Imran was heard answering a question about the rising number of rapes in the country. Acknowledging that rape is on the rise, the Prime Minister also advised all women to wear Dhaka clothes. The controversy surrounding Imran’s remarks has intensified. The Human Rights Commission of that country thinks that such a comment from a public leader is not desirable. Legendary tennis players like India’s star cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin or Martina Navratilova have also taken Imran by the hand. All in all, the pressure is mounting on the Pakistani Prime Minister.

[আরও পড়ুন: চুক্তি ভেঙে আণবিক বোমা তৈরির পথে ইরান! সিঁদুরে মেঘ দেখছে বিশ্ব]

Pakistani human rights activists were also seen taking to the streets. The placards and banners in their hands clearly apologize to RG Imran. They claim that such comments will further fuel the rapists. In the words of one respondent, “It would have been different if ordinary people had said such things. But when a prime minister says that, it is horrible. We cannot avoid such statements. This kind of comment can be very dangerous for women who work in factories, offices or fields. ”

Imran’s ex-wife Jemaima Goldsmith also took him by the hand. But with that hopefully, it might be the wrong quote. “Imran, whom I know, used to say, ‘Let there be veils in the eyes of men, not girls,'” he wrote. On the other hand, like his other ex-wife Reham Khan, “the less he talks, the better for everyone.” In fact, Imran’s outspoken remarks are not new. Even before that, he had to suffer because Osama bin Laden was a ‘martyr’.

[আরও পড়ুন: মায়ানমারে জওয়ান হত্যার বদলা! ১৯ জন গণতন্ত্রকামীর মৃত্যু পরোয়ানা জারি সেনার]

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