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Published by: Subhajit Mandal | Posted: April 9, 2021 12:44 pm| Updated: April 9, 2021 12:53 pm

News Daily Digital Desk: The raffle debate doesn’t seem to end there. The controversy, which seemed to have subsided in 2019 after the Supreme Court’s clinchit, seems to be reviving with one explosive claim after another from a French media outlet called MEDIAPART. Earlier, the media claimed that the French company Dassult had given a gift of one million Euros to the Indian mediator in the Rafale deal. This time the media has demanded more explosives. They claim that Sushen Gupta, the middleman in the deal, leaked the secret documents of the Indian Ministry of Defense to the French company in exchange for crores of rupees before the Rafale deal.

According to the French media outlet Mediapart, French company Dassault and its partner Thel paid a total of ৬ 1.46 million to Indian mediator Susan Gupta through multiple accounts abroad and a fake useless company. The money was delivered to Susan and her family by Dassault and Thel through a number of Singaporean charities. Instead, Susan Gupta handed over the secret information of the Indian Ministry of Defense to Dassault. The French company has benefited from bargaining with the Indian government after receiving information provided by Susan. In fact, Susan Gupta has already given information to the French agency about the position of the Indian government representatives in the bargaining process and how flexible it will be. As a result, they are raising the price of these fighter jets in their favor, according to the French media. The media part claims that they have all the documents related to this whole scandal. They also have documents on how Dassault paid Susan Gupta.

[আরও পড়ুন: করোনা রুখতে ‘টিকা উৎসব’, ভ্যাকসিন হাতিয়ার করে লড়াইয়ের ডাক প্রধানমন্ত্রী মোদির]

If this claim of Mediapart is true, then the allegation of massive corruption in the agreement made by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi will be proved to be true even if it is partial. However, Rahul’s allegations have already been denied by Dassault. The agency said allegations of breach of contract with the Indian government were baseless. Dassault has entered into this agreement with India in compliance with all the rules of the French government. Moreover, the agreement has been negotiated directly between the two governments, so there is no question of such violations.

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