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News Daily Digital Desk: Killed Corona has just returned home from the hospital after overcoming the virus. Although he has recovered, the situation in the whole country is very worrying now. So this time, Master Blaster gave the message that there is no celebration on his birthday, but to be by the side of common people. He said that he is going to donate plasma soon. On March 26, the news of Sachin Tendulkar’s corona attack came to light. At first he was in isolation at home. Then he was admitted to the hospital following the advice of the doctors. Fans naturally became anxious to see Lytton Master admitted to the hospital. Everyone wished him a speedy recovery. Sachin has already returned home after recovering from everyone’s prayers. And this time on his birthday, he gave the message to fight together against Corona pandemic. He wanted to explain by posting a video on social media that everyone has to come forward in the day of such crisis in the country. If we extend a helping hand to each other, then the way to get rid of this deadly disease will be wide.

[আরও পড়ুন: ব্যাটে-বলে দুরন্ত প্রীতির পাঞ্জাব, আইপিএলে টানা দ্বিতীয় ম্যাচে হার রোহিতদের]

Cricket God, who turned 46 on Saturday, said in the video, “With your good wishes and blessings, I have recovered. Friends, family – I got everyone by my side. Above all, the doctors have rendered excellent service. They have a message for you. Last year I inaugurated a plasma center. Those who were once infected with COVID-19 extended a helping hand to other Covid patients with blood. I also consult my doctor. They said, I can give plasma. So I’m going to give plasma. I will tell you, give blood. It will be of great benefit to others. ”Thank you everyone for your warm wishes. It’s made my day special. I am very grateful indeed. Take care and stay safe.— Sachin Tendulkar (sachin_rt) April 24, 2021 Sachin came forward more than once with the help of people during the Corona virus last year. Sometimes he gave financial grants to PM Care and sometimes he took the responsibility of feeding the needy. This time, everyone’s favorite Little Master is going to donate plasma after winning Kovid.

[আরও পড়ুন: করোনা আবহে এবছরও জন্মদিনের সেলিব্রেশনে ‘না’ শচীনের, তবু কমতি নেই শুভেচ্ছাবার্তার]

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