Uttar Pradesh police gets clean chit in Vikas Dubey encounter case. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: No evidence of murder of gangster Vikas Dubey against Uttar Pradesh Police has been found. The Commission of Inquiry informed. Bikash and a few of his men were shot dead by police last year while fleeing to Uttar Pradesh after being arrested. Allegations were made against the Uttar Pradesh police that there was an arranged encounter. A commission of inquiry was formed into the incident. In the end, the report of the commission got the Uttar Pradesh police clinchit. The people, the media or Bikash’s family have been blamed for not coming forward. Vikash Dubey, accused in 70 cases, was shot dead by six Uttar Pradesh police personnel in July last year. Then the body covers the development. At that time, Yogi’s police killed one Sagard after another in an encounter. Eventually, Bikash was arrested from the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. It is claimed that a police vehicle overturned in the middle of the road before the Uttar Pradesh police brought him to Kanpur from Ujjain. Bikash tries to escape from that opportunity. The gangster snatched the police gun and started firing at the police personnel. He was shot dead by the police. The autopsy report claimed that a total of 7 shots were fired by Bikash.

[আরও পড়ুন: অসমে অপহৃত ONGC’র ৩ কর্মী, নেপথ্যে বিচ্ছিন্নতাবাদী সংগঠন উলফা!]

Extreme controversy has arisen over this encounter. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking his investigation. The Supreme Court constituted a commission of inquiry headed by Justice BS Chauhan. The report of the commission of inquiry has been submitted. The report said that there was no ‘material evidence’ to refute the claim of the police. On the contrary, there is ample evidence to support the police theory. The report has been submitted to the Supreme Court and Uttar Pradesh Police. The commission of inquiry further said that they had tried hard to gather evidence. The media has reported a lot against the Uttar Pradesh police but no one has provided any evidence to the commission. The report repeatedly states that the purpose for which the commission was formed has failed due to lack of participation of the people and the media. Even Bikash’s wife did not come forward.

[আরও পড়ুন: জর্জ ফ্লয়েড হত্যায় দোষী সাব্যস্ত মার্কিন পুলিশকর্মী ডেরেক চৌভিন]

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