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Dhiman Roy, Katwa: State politics is in full swing during the voting season. Along with the political unrest, the spark of gossip is going on. It has become customary to comment openly! This time, BJP MP Sunil Mondal got involved in the debate by making offensive remarks about the Trinamool Congress candidate in Katwa, East Burdwan district. Not only ‘indecent’ remarks, Katwar’s Trinamool candidate Rabindranath Chatterjee alleged, he has been threatened. The Trinamool candidate (TMC Candidate) has lodged a written complaint with the police alleging that he was suffering from death in the incident. Complaints have also been lodged against Sunil Mandal in the commission.

The incident started on Tuesday. MP Sunil Mandal came to campaign in Dainhat town in support of BJP candidate Shyama Majumder from Katwa assembly constituency. In addition to the campaign, the BJP had a booth-based workshop at Daihat Townhall. While addressing the meeting, Sunil Mandal personally attacked Rabindranath Chatterjee, a former MLA of Katwar and a Trinamool candidate. Addressing the workers, Sunil Mandal said, “Counting of votes on May 2. Trinamool will lose and Ravi Chatterjee will leave Katwa before he realizes it. I am telling the team staff that after the count, all the cutouts should be surrounded so that Robi Chatterjee cannot get out of the cutouts. We will judge him. ”

[আরও পড়ুন : ‘সাহসী বুথ এজেন্টদের পুরষ্কৃত করব’, দলীয় সমর্থকদের চাঙ্গা করতে ঘোষণা মমতার]

Sunil Mandal made controversial remarks not only at the Daihat meeting but also at a public meeting at Nandigram in Katwar. Such allegations are from the grassroots. Rabindranath Chatterjee has submitted video footage of Sunil Mandal’s speech at a campaign rally in Nandigram to the police. As can be seen in the video, Sunil Mandal says about Rabindranath Chatterjee, “We hear about many big gangsters and smugglers. Ravi Chatterjee is the father of all smugglers. He makes smugglers. Makes thugs. ” The MP further said, “Indrajith was killed in Katwa. Tuhin Samanta was killed. Not judged. I also raised this issue in Parliament. We will fight as long as we can hang the killers of Insan Mallick, Sukur Ali, Babul Sheikh who have been killed. They will be released after eating rotten rice and rotten bread in the jail. ” After this statement, Rabindranath Chatterjee lodged a complaint with Katwa police station.

Sunil Mandal is adamant in his speech. In his words, “I have said exactly what I said. I have said that Rabindranath Chatterjee is a bully. Rabindranath Chatterjee also plotted to kill me. Let him make a case wherever he can to tell me. ”

[আরও পড়ুন : নদীর ধারে টেনে নিয়ে গিয়ে শাশুড়িকে গণধর্ষণ জামাই ও দুই বন্ধুর, এলাকায় তীব্র চাঞ্চল্য]

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