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Published by: Subhajit Mandal | Posted: April 22, 2021 8:17 am | Updated: April 22, 2021 8:36 am Photo: Symbolic News Daily Digital Desk: Unrest in several places in North 24 Parganas on the morning of the day (West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021). In Habra, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the rescue of the body of an unidentified youth. Meanwhile, the BJP has been accused of attacking a former Trinamool councilor in Kanchrapara. In Ashok Nagar, the local BJP leader has again been accused of beating up the Trinamool Congress. Police have recovered the bloodied body of a young man from a roadside pond in the Zamindar Gate area of ​​Kaipukur in the center of Food Minister Jyotipriya Mallick. He has multiple bruises on his body. The body has not yet been identified. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the locals claim that the young man is not a local. The body was brought from outside and dumped in the pond. The locals believe that the miscreants left the body at dawn. Police are trying to identify the body. Police have sent a report to the district administration asking if there is any addition to the vote.

[আরও পড়ুন: ভোটের আগের রাতে নবদ্বীপে বিজেপির ক্যাম্প অফিসে ‘হামলা’, আহত বহু]

Meanwhile, Utpal Dasgupta, a former Trinamool (TMC) councilor who was attacked in Kanchrapara on the morning of polling day. As soon as the voting started on this day, news of a riot was received in Ward No. 3 of Kanchrapara Municipality. Utpal Dasgupta, a former councilor of the ward and Trinamool councilor, went there quickly. It is alleged that BJP workers killed him and broke his head there. However, the BJP has denied the allegations. Their counter-claim is that this incident is due to the factionalism of the grassroots.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘কানার থেকে ঝাপসা ভাল’, দুর্নীতিতে অভিযুক্ত হলেও তৃণমূলের পাশে থাকার আরজি নচিকেতার]

On the other hand, a BJP leader was allegedly beaten in Ashoknagar. Trinamool has been accused of beating local BJP leader Animesh Dev. As expected, the state’s ruling camp has denied the allegations. Sangbad Pratidin News App: Download to get the latest news updates News Like every day to stay in the regular news Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Get all the news updates NewsDaily on News Daily

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