WB Election 2021: EXCLUSIVE interview of BJP MP Arjun Singh from Bhatpara | Sangbad Pratidin

Mani Shankar Chowdhury and Sulaya Singh: “There is no retake in politics. There is only one tech here. Either win or lose. ” This is what Arjun Singh, the BJP general from Barrackpur, said to the Trinamool star candidate Raj Chakraborty on Facebook Live on the sixth day of the polls. Later grassroots. This time Arjun Singh is on the ballot for BJP. The BJP MP (BJP MP) was confronted by Sangbad Daily Digital in Bhatpara on Thursday. “There is a difference between directing a film and directing it in politics,” he said. There are cuts, there are shots and there are retakes. Is there anything here? Here is One Tech. Either lose or win. The loss game started on the same day that Raj Chakraborty stood on the stage and said that Arjun Singh should be beaten. Arjun Singh has vitu. Hey, are you fighting with Chandramani Shukla, what is there to take Arjun Singh’s name? If politics was such a straightforward thing, everyone would do politics. One take in politics. Either pass or leave. ” According to Arjun Singh, in politics there are only rewards for the winners, no rewards for the losers.

[আরও পড়ুন: ভোটের দিন তারকা প্রার্থীদের ঘিরে ‘জয় শ্রীরাম’ স্লোগান, বিজেপির বিক্ষোভের মুখে রাজ-কৌশানী]

BJP will cross the magic figure in the sixth phase. That is what Arjun Singh has demanded. If the minorities of the country are united, four Pakistans will be created. Trinamool leader (TMC Leader) Sheikh Alam said this while campaigning in Basapara of Nanur area of ​​Birbhum. Responding to that comment that day, Arjun Singh said, “Joy has become Sriram. That is why Joy Sriram has grown even more. We will not allow Pakistan. I won’t even think of Pakistan. ”This time, Arjun Singh’s son Pawan Singh is contesting. Talking about the boy, the BJP MP said that Pawan had made his own decision. He has to stand by the people. The BJP general in Barakpur claimed that the grassroots leaders of the area were his ‘chala’. But those who could not be good ‘chala’ cannot be ‘guru’ either. Arjun Singh claims that he understands the calculation of votes. On the basis of this, he claimed that Mamata Banerjee will go down to No. 3 in the Ekushey vote. The BJP general in Barakpur claimed that Mamata Banerjee was feeding herself a ‘traitor’. Arjun Singh said his only goal was to remove the Trinamool leader from Navanna.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘নো ব্রিজ নো ভোট’, বুথে না গিয়ে নদীর ধারে বিক্ষোভ হেমতাবাদের ৩ হাজার ভোটারের ]

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