WB Election: TMC twitted videos claims central force try to influence people for BJP. Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: One video after another is being tweeted from the official handle of the Trinamool (TMC) Congress. Somewhere in the middle of the field the villagers are being beaten with sticks and somewhere there have been allegations of vandalism of the booth office. And those tweets tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP’s Twitter handle, including the Election Commission.

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A video was posted around 11pm on Friday. As you can see, the video was recorded from an alley. A few people are vandalizing a place like a camp office on the opposite side of the road. They are wearing central army uniforms. It has been claimed in the tweet that this is an incident in Mayapur area of ​​Bajwaj. Where the central forces are vandalizing the camp office of the Trinamool Congress. The tweet tagged the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the Election Commission.

Another video was posted on behalf of the Trinamool Congress on Saturday morning. It is seen that a person is being beaten in the middle of the paddy field. However, there is no way to understand from the video why he is being beaten. It has been reported that the incident took place at Chuchura Balagarh. The Trinamool claimed in a tweet that the BJP was on the verge of terrorism knowing defeat was certain. This tweet has also been tagged to the Election Commission.

Shortly afterwards, another video was posted. It has been claimed that the central forces are intimidating voters into voting for the BJP (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021). It is reported to have happened at Chanditala in Hughli. As can be seen, a few men and women are reporting on how their Central Force soldiers are pushing. They also complained that force was used when villagers protested.

However, such allegations were made from the verified Twitter handle of the Trinamool Congress, but there was no response from the opposite side. In response to the commission’s show cause, Mamata Banerjee made similar allegations.

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