West Bengal Assembly Election: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh attacked in Cooch Behar Sangbad Pratidin

Vikram Roy, Kochbihar: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was attacked again. Dilip Ghosh’s convoy was targeted by bombs before returning to a meeting in Kochbihar’s Shitalkuchi. The BJP state president claimed that at the ground where his meeting was held, he was attacked by some miscreants with firearms, including firearms. His convoy was bombed. Dilip claimed that two bombs had also fallen on his car. Not only that, the glass of his car was broken by hitting half a brick. His own body was also hit by a brick. The state BJP president claimed that another car in the convoy had also been bombed.

After the incident, the BJP state president came on Facebook live and complained that there was no democratic environment in the state. Ordinary voters will not be able to vote in this situation. Fair elections are not possible in Kochbihar. “The horrible situation I have to face today is fancy for me,” he said. There have been various attacks in the last five years. Attacks during meetings with the permission of the commission have never happened before in my political career. After the meeting, there were attacks with bombs and guns. It’s just like the Taliban. There is no protection in human life. If no action is taken against the Election Commission from tonight, then the elections in Kochbihar will not be fair. I had to meet at the risk of my life. I wondered how the attack happened during the meeting. This is the ultimate experience in my political life. ”

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘বিজেপি কত দিয়েছে?’, তিনবার মাইক বিভ্রাটের পর প্রশ্ন ‘বিরক্ত’ মমতার]

In fact, the attack on the BJP state president is not new. Earlier, there were allegations of attacking Dilip’s convoy at several places including Darjeeling and Kharagpur. However, Dilip complained that today’s Shitalkuchi incident was the ultimate experience of his life. He had never faced so much horror before. However, the Trinamool has not yet opened its mouth on the issue. BJP leaders and activists, including Soumitra Khan, protested outside the commission.

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