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Ranjan Mohapatra, Kanthi: A young man from Burdwan was arrested for threatening to kill Sisir Adhikary, a senior MP from Kanthi. Kanthi police arrested the accused. The incident sparked outrage in Kanthi on Thursday. According to police sources, the victim’s name is Sheikh Ajmal Hossain. His home is in Chandul area of ​​Burdwan city. The arrested youth was taken to Kanthi court on Thursday. The judge ordered his four-day police custody in the interest of the investigation.

According to police sources, a few days ago, Ajmal threatened to kill Shishir Babu by calling him on his mobile phone and sending a message. The young man also used obscene language on the phone. Not only that, Ajmal also allegedly threatened to kill his family members. Eventually Shishirbabu approached the Kanthi Police Station and the Election Commission (EC). After receiving the complaint, the police sat motionless. Based on the mobile phone tower location, the police can know that the accused Ajmal’s house is in Burdwan.

[আরও পড়ুন: ISF’এর উপর হামলায় উদাসীন পুলিশ, অভিযোগে ভাঙড় থানার সামনে বিক্ষোভ নওশাদের]

Similarly, an investigation team of Kanthi police appeared in Burdwan on Wednesday. He was arrested from his house on the same night in a joint operation with the help of Burdwan police. IC Amalendu Biswas said the young man was taken into custody for details. The police are trying to find out why he was making this threat, whether he did it with someone else’s fuel or a threat from personal resentment.

[আরও পড়ুন: ভোটের আবহে চিন্তা আরও বাড়াচ্ছে রাজ্যের করোনা পরিস্থিতি, একদিনে সংক্রমিত প্রায় ২৮০০]

Incidentally, Shishir Adhikari’s son Shuvendu left the Trinamool Congress and joined the BJP. Opposition to the move was also created at the local political level by severing long-standing ties with the grassroots. Especially Shuvendu has been attacked more than once on his own average. Now it is being investigated whether there is any such reason behind the death threat to the owner of Shishir.

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